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New laminates from ADS, with UV resistance

Boat covered in laminate filmAmari Digital Supplies (ADS) has added three new laminate films to the IMAGin range of products from MACtac. Called CastLAM Matt, CastLAM Gloss and ShieldLAM, they share design characteristics and application capabilities. Among the many benefits claimed for the films is the high level of protection (between 90 and 99 per cent) that they provide against the damaging effects of UV light.

CastLAM Matt is a 30-micron ultra-clear cast PVC film incorporating a permanent high-tack adhesive protected with an easy-to-remove liner. The film can be used for both internal and external applications. It has been designed specifically for the protection of large and medium-sized printed graphics based on super-soft flexible media, such as MACtac’s JT 5529 P/PM/MBF and JT 5629 PM for application to flat, riveted or corrugated surfaces. The film also offers short-term resistance to the effects of chemicals and the ingress of water and has a durability of up to four years.

CastLAM Gloss is a 57-micron film with similar design characteristics and application capabilities. It has been developed specifically for the protection of digital UV prints and is compatible also with other standard digital printing processes such as SB, eco-solvent and Latex. The film has a durability of up to four years and.

ShieldLAM is a 50-micron ultra-clear gloss PU film designed specifically for the outdoor protection of the MACtac Tuning Films range used in the decoration and personalisation of boats and commercial and private vehicles. The 'extremely durable' film provides an ultra-gloss finish to the tuning films whilst imparting a high level of protection against impact and abrasion when compared with standard PVC films. The film also conforms well to flat and slightly curved surfaces and, dependent on the geographical zone, will offer a durability of between four to eight years.

All of the films can be rolled up for easy transportation.


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