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The Cube - See the difference

Grafityp UK Ltd, one of the longest serving and most established suppliers of equipment and medias to the Sign and Print industries have further enhanced their offerings for companies sourcing UV printers.

"We all appreciate that the market for UV is without doubt growing fast. At Grafityp we set ourselves a goal to be able to offer our existing and potential new customers the best choice of machines possible that can deliver both quality print and build whilst still offering excellent value. It is with all this in mind that we are now delighted to be able to offer the Cube UV printer series from IP & I" said Sales Director Neil Stevenson. "What the Cube series will inspire in customers is the belief that you can actually get a lot more machine for your hard-earned money" continued Neil.

Cube260-small.JPGThe Cube series of UV printers use the highly regarded Konica print head that allows a maximum resolution of 1440dpi. With 512 nozzles and a drop size of 14 picolitre, it offers excellent quality even when printing small text. It is available in a choice of head configurations including an option for printing white ink.

Two size models are available, a 1.6 metre wide machine and a 2.6 metre wide machine, both utilising the same high quality printing ability, and build quality.

Potential customers can view the Cube in a working environment, giving a real feel for the machines ability to easily handle all types of work, both roll to roll and flatbed.

The Cube 260 can print onto rigid substrates up to an amazing 95mm in thickness at speeds of up to 78 square metres per hour, and with its built in touch screen display and easy interface software it makes easy work of most jobs.

Supplied with a choice of in the box RIP software, it offers potential buyers the opportunity to purchase a high quality 2.6m wide UV printer at a price normally associated with much lesser brands. The Cube high quality 1440dpi UV printer has without doubt turned up the heat in the expectation stakes.

The IP & I Cube series from Grafityp UK "Let Your Eyes Show You The Difference."
For more information contact
Grafityp UK Ltd, tel: 01827 300500

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