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“If it breaks - we’ll fix it…” promises Tech8 printer warranty

Van with Tech8 written on the side.

That's the message behind Tech8's latest on-site warranty cover for users of all common wide-format printers.

Headed up by Technical Director Tom Plunkett, a support specialist with 23 years of print industry experience under his belt, Tech8 also claim further significant benefits over and above either OEM or alternative third-party warranty offerings.

Plunkett explains: "Not only will you enjoy peace of mind and a longer machine life when you extend your warranty with Tech8, what really sets Tech8 warranty apart from the alternatives is the all-inclusive nature of the cover.

"While other service contracts often include numerous disclaimers stipulating what items are and are not covered, Tech8 have a simple message: We cover it all. If it breaks we'll fix it, regardless of how it was broken.

"In short we offer fully comprehensive and rapid-response cover with no additional costs."

Full Accidental Damage Cover
And that fully comprehensive cover includes all manner of accidents too.
So if an incorrectly loaded roll of media leads to a head crash… or if someone spills coffee into the printer’s internals … or even if the machine itself gets crashed into or knocked over… you remain fully covered.

Rapid Response Breakdown Cover
In the event of an equipment failure, Tech8 share the same priorities as the customer: namely getting the equipment working as quickly as possible.
“What’s vital for the customer, who has time-sensitive jobs constantly in production, is his machine back up and running with as little delay as possible.” explains Plunkett. “In the event of an equipment failure, your priority is our priority and we’ll make it as simple as possible for you to get on your feet and operable straightaway.”

Automated Online Call-logging System
Plunkett continues: "You can call us by phone, email us or enter your support request onto our Online Call Logging System, where you can track the progress of your support request. We’ll then arrange the earliest possible site visit."

Additional Benefits
Tech8 also promises:

  • Comprehensive on-site cover through a fleet of highly trained specialist engineers.
  • Repairs are not restricted to office hours and, subject to availability of an engineer in your area, printers can be repaired outside normal working hours without any additional surcharges.
  • To facilitate rapid repair Tech8 stock a comprehensive spares inventory for all common wide-format printers.

Users of wide-format printers are invited to visit the Tech8 website at www.tech8.eu where they can generate instant warranty quotes without any need to register or log in.
The website also includes a comprehensive FAQ section, with advice, troubleshooting guides and product documentation all freely accessible online.

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