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T3 just got curvy! Tecna Display launches T3 Flexi-curve

The award winning Tecna Display Ltd has just launched a brand new addition to their T3 exhibition and display framing system – T3 Flexi-curve. T3 Flexi-curve is a flexible extrusion that connects to the standard T3 beams to produce a stand capable of multiple shapes and orientations.

T3 Flexi curve on display stand

The T3 Flexi-curve has been developed to provide the opportunity for the exhibitor or installer to design their own structure on-site using a range of beams that suit their build requirements. The new flexible beams now mean that a wall can be moved into almost any shape to fit into any given area.

The added returns at the back give the wall increased strength and stability. By incorporating the beam into the highly successful T3 system, the new T3 Flexi-curve gives you an almost unlimited choice of structures which you can build without tools.

Couple this with our range of low cost, lightweight plinths and counters and we have an unparalleled choice of structures and options to choose from.

T3 transport and storage: The T3 system is cost effective and lightweight and so easy to transport and store. A full, 4 panel (800mm c/c) wall with returns and end extrusions will fit into a bag just 105cm x 21cm x 17cm. It weighs only 15.4 Kilos.

T3 degrees of flexibility: The diagram on the right illustrates the incredible flexibility of the bending power of the flexi-curve. It is only when you get on site to build your structure or stand that you will understand how flexible and versatile this product truly is.

The T3 Flexi-curve can be used within any T3 structure. This means that entire walls can be "hinged", either in the middle or at any point on the wall.

The Flexi-curve can, of course be used to replace a fixed curve where you are not sure of the curve diameter required on-site, for example in the corner of a shell scheme when using T3 Shell Kit.

The design of the Flexi-curve means that we can supply any length of beam between 200mm and 1000mm.

T3 Flexi-curve is available via authorised T3 distributors around the globe – to find your nearest T3 distributor and for more information call 0208 8034469 or visit www.tecnadisplay.com

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