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Stock Displays launches new LED Outdoor Lightbox

Stock Displays hi-res outdoor lightbox with poster. Yorkshire based display product manufacturer Stock Displays has launched the energy-saving, heavy duty LED Outdoor Lightbox.

The new lightbox is one of several new products that Stock Displays is introducing this year, and it is the first of the new lines to be added to the company's website. The other new products will be launched in order to coincide with the print of Stock Displays new 2010/11 product catalogue.

The new LED Outdoor Lightbox incorporates state of the art energy saving LED illumination technology, which has been shown in tests to use up to 33% less energy than the fluorescent tubes used in traditional lightboxes. Not only that, but the LEDs also provide up to 100,000 hours of illumination, compared to 18,000 hours from the older style tube lightboxes meaning less maintenance costs, less bulb changing and ultimately less waste going to land-fill.

On top of the technology used to illuminate the new frames, they are also seriously heavy duty - featuring a 55mm wide extruded aluminium casing, a 2mm thick plastic front cover, reinforced hinges and an extra secure locking mechanism, which means that these frames will be safe from vandalism no matter where they are installed.

Stock Displays' Sales Manager, Rosie Taylor, said of the new product "We decided to develop them as a result of us receiving a lot of enquiries asking if we could adapt our existing lightboxes for outdoor use. After research and development, our production team began manufacturing the new outdoor lightboxes last month and already they have proven to be very popular indeed.

"Earlier this month we were delighted to install one of the new lightboxes at 'The Lightbox' - an award winning art gallery and museum based in Woking, Surrey. We have also already installed the outdoor lightboxes at several Printing.com stores across the UK."

The LED Outdoor Lightbox is available in six stock sizes and twelve stock colour finishes with bespoke sizes manufactured to order, and prices start from £188.

For further information visit www.stockdisplays.co.uk and to request a copy of the new 2010/11 product catalogue call 01302 802266 or email sales@stockdisplays.co.uk

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