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Spandex launches the ‘Sign in a Box’ range of ready-made modular signs

Sign makers can access the exclusive quality and design of Spandex Modular Sign Systems straight out of the box.

Spandex, the one-stop supplier of innovative turnkey solutions to the digital printing and signmaking industries worldwide, announces the launch of the 'Sign in a Box' range of ready-made modular sign systems.

'Sign in a Box' is based on Spandex's world famous range of Infopanel modular signs system and was displayed for the first time at the Spandex Open House on November 7th and 8th 2012.

Sign in a box modular sign name boardSign in a box information signage

'Sign in a Box' offers sign makers the opportunity to order off-the-shelf signs in standard height, width and panel combinations. The range is ideal for external directories, corporate identity and generic signage and is available in three formats - Freestanding, Wall-mounted and Deep Panel. The selection of finishes include mill, silver anodised, white and colour powder coated.

'Sign in a Box' is designed to save construction time as all elements needed to build a sign are included in the box. It's just so easy to assemble", says Leon Watson, Spandex UK General Manager.

Many sign makers that are not used to dealing with modular signs systems can now access Spandex's exclusive Infopanel range through 'Sign in a Box'. Other differentiators of the Spandex range are that customers can buy the signs on their credit account and orders can be delivered next day depending on the finish.

"As usual with all Spandex sign and display systems, the quality of the product and level of service and support is excellent," adds Leon.

For more information please visit www.spandex.com/uk or call 0800 772633.

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