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Spandex partner with bergertextiles for four exceptional ranges

An image of a woman in black and white, with vivid colours painted across her face
The range includes four exceptional products: Samba, Lumina, Mozaik, and Display
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Renowned for its heritage and quality in the textile market, the partnership between Spandex and bergertextiles is a perfect match

Spandex, the leading provider of creative solutions for the global visual communications market, is thrilled to announce its partnership with bergertextiles, the renowned manufacturer of high-quality textiles.

This new collaboration brings innovative products to our customers from the industry’s leading textile manufacturer. The range includes four exceptional products: Samba, Lumina, Mozaik, and Display.

These products showcase the cutting-edge advancements in textile technology and are poised to revolutionise the advertising and printing industry. Ben Scammell, Spandex General Manager – “bergertextiles is an industry leading manufacturer, renowned for its heritage and quality in the textile markets, we’re excited about the partnership and the opportunity of introducing our customers to the new and exciting world of textile, with products available in widths up to 3.2m and on stock, we look forward to offering the same levels of exceptional customers service to the UK market”.

Glen Nunkoo, Architectural Market Development Manager at Spandex adds, "Spandex and bergertextiles join forces in an exemplary partnership, presenting top-quality, innovative products to the UK's architectural and textiles markets. I’m thrilled and excited about this collaboration, eagerly looking forward to working closely with bergertextiles to bring creative solutions to customers."

The collaboration between Spandex and bergertextiles represents a remarkable leap forward in providing premier solutions to the UK market.

This partnership combines Spandex's extensive industry expertise with bergertextiles' commitment to excellence, ultimately empowering customers to achieve their creative vision with confidence.


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