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Roller banner stand material that lays flat

Soflat Banner MaterialAre you looking for a roll up banner material? The stuff you print onto for those roll up and pop up exhibition stands? Look no further! Victory Design has launched a new roll up banner material called Soflat, manufactured by Soyang.

SoFlat media is a smooth, 440 gsm scrimless banner material made up of a polyester/PVC combination giving it stable stay-flat properties. This material has a super smooth surface and an anti curl appearance at the edge, which gives the material a lay flat professional look. Soflat has excellent printing characteristics, which produces excellent results and is compatible with UV, solvent and screen printing. This material does not require over laminating like some similar materials.

This competitively priced product is available to order now from Victory Design either by telephoning 01246 570570 or online at www.victorydesign.co.uk

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