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Survival of the fittest (Soapbox)

Cartoon of man talking on a Soap boxStuart Bickley, Managing Director of Kestrel Signs Midlands Ltd, gave us his thoughts about recession in Soapbox, Issue 106 (page 90); now the bite is really on, he updates us.

Here at Kestrel, now operating under our new branding of KSUK, we have made considerable changes in order to position ourselves ready for the growing impact of recession, although the squeeze has been on for some time.

The credit crunch was the final hammer blow to a set of circumstances already out of control with material prices, fuel and every other cost rising out of all reality.

Any business that operates on very lean profits will not survive. Where you buy, what you purchase, getting best value on top quality products with best turnaround will remain to be what your customers are looking for – and that's always been our focus at KSUK. There’s still plenty of business in the UK and we plan to survive the recession by being a leaner, faster, and even more competitive trade supplier.

The benefits of buying from UK companies cannot be ignored; prices are lower, quality is maintained, and you get a quicker response. We include the latest improvements on our products and services to ensure our customers get real value for money.

Money management is the name of the game, not just the amount of business that you do. Signmakers need to tighten credit with end users and get paid on completion where possible. Do not be afraid to ask, you are not a bank and money lending is their job not yours. Paying suppliers quickly can raise your bottom line and improve their service to you as well as attracting even better prices at the point of purchase. Use your skills and your customers will not push you to fall back on price, a good supplier will assist you in these situations.

KSUK is already showing improving figures set against the reduction in UK business and also has a rise in orders from Ireland Russia, Poland, UAE, and South Africa. The reduction in the value of the pound is raising export sales and interest abroad in UK products assists all home businesses and benefits the sign making industry.

Details of the KSUK range is available at the website www.kestrelsigns.com or by telephoning 0121 783 0779.

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