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Snap&Fix® from Eurobond

Two lengths of interlocking plastic being stuck togetherSnap&Fix® is a new product from Eurobond Adhesives Ltd, which joins their range of 'high performance' tapes. They offer the signmaker a 'whole new world of possibilities' to permanently or temporarily fixing two materials together.

Snap&Fix® is a fastening system that works on the principle of interlocking plastic 'mushroom heads' that provide a solid connection when pressed firmly together. Snap&Fix® can be fastened and released as often as required either lengthwise or crosswise. The extruded mushroom heads are supplied in a roll length format with a high performance, pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive backing. In addition to roll lengths, Snap&Fix® will be supplied in small rigid plastic blocks and squares with countersunk holes drilled in the middle to mechanically fix them to walls or hard surfaces. This to act as fixing points that can then be mated with another block to form permanent or temporary mounting of sign boards, hoardings, facias and panels.

Snap&Fix® can also be used in applications such as bonding sign channel, mirror finished Dibond and other composite material instantly without any distortion or read through from the surface. It will bond together most metals, modern composites, wood, glass and many different plastics. And the great thing is you can disassemble them too, says the company.

When Snap&Fix® fastening systems are pushed together they form a high performing, 'very strong' and durable bond between two substrates. Snap&Fix® is already approved for use by some of the world's leading car manufacturers including VW, Ford, Volvo and BMW. Eurobond Adhesives are now making it available to the signmaking industry.

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