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SMP Framing Devices - New development - by popular demand

SMP's framing devices Some fifteen years or so ago SMP developed some simple framing devices.

Aimed at the economy end of the market, this product was designed to edge, join, shape and frame cellular foam.

A set of four extrusions, the first a simple "U" shape that fitted onto the edge of a foam panel, the Edge Protector was designed to finish and protect the edges of foam site boards.

The second shape was "h" and called the Edge Fixing. The pocket receives the foam sheet and the ascender is used as an exterior fixing point. This product is ideal for forming a sign around a curved fascia, or it can be used simply to fix a panel. To complement Edge Fixing two other products were developed, a "H" shape called the Panel Joint and as the shape would suggest, it is used to joint two panels together in a straight line.

The final product was the Corner Joint, which will join panels at a ninety degree angle.

These products have been developed again with one major difference; Edge Protector, Edge Fixing and Panel Joint are set with 3mm in the jaws therefore they are ideal for composite sheet. The design of these products was taken a stage further by tooling in a frangible point, so while designed to receive 3mm thick material, it is possible (with care) to fit 5mm. All three of the above products are available in silver anodised or white powder coated finish. Corner Joint is designed to accept 5mm panels and is available in a white powder coated finish only.

Edge Protector, Edge Fixing. Panel Joint and Corner Joint are available direct from SMP and appointed agents.

For further details visit www.signmakersproducts.com or telephone the sales team on 01508 531183.

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