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Smaller format waterjet cutting machine for wide range of media

A Seires smaol format waterjet cutter A 0612 being displayed
With a comparatively small footprint, the A-0612 offers the same cutting power and output capabilities of much larger waterjet machines.

A new smaller format waterjet cutting machine has been introduced by AXYZ Automation Group. The WARDJet A-0612 forms part of the A-Series of machines and shares the same design and performance characteristics of the larger X-Series but at a lower cost. The A-0612 will process a wide range of materials that are unsuited to traditional CNC machines including stainless steel, cast and wrought iron, various alloys such as brass and bronze, marble, stone and glass that are frequently used for highly specialised and architecturally-sensitive signage projects.

With a comparatively small 213 x 124cm footprint, the A-0612 will fit perfectly into any workplace where space is at a premium yet offers the same cutting power and output capabilities of much larger waterjet machines.

A key benefit of the A-6012 is that while similarly configured small format waterjet machines operate at pressures ranging from 30,000 to 45,000psi, the A-6012 operates at 60,000psi. This enables the same production capabilities and cutting timeframe of a full size machine. The ability to operate at this much higher pressure radically reduces the amount of abrasive required for the cutting process, further enhancing the machine’s cost effectiveness.

As with the larger-format WARDJet machines, the A-6012 is based on a lightweight and rigidly constructed modular solid steel frame gantry that will reliably support the most robust machine operation required for high density and heavier materials.

It incorporates multiple cutting tool heads, an industrial grade rack and pinion drive system for optimum cutting accuracy and the elimination of problems frequently encountered with belt-driven systems and an optional water level control system and cutting table enclosure. These latter features help reduce flashback and thus preserve water, as well as lowering noise levels in the workplace to further enhance the A-6012’s environmental credentials.

In common with all WARDJet machines, the A-6012 is supported by proprietary Move motion control software.


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