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SloanLED V180 module - ThyssenKrupp Materials (UK) announces release

SloanLED V180 module with array of three LEDs SloanLED V180 module offers bright, even illumination for shallow signage with outstanding efficiency.

Following the runaway success of the SloanLED Apollo module, launched in March 2010, ThyssenKrupp Materials (UK), official distributor of SloanLED products, is excited to announce the availability of the brand new SloanLED V180, a mini module that features the most innovative and efficient design for illuminating small and shallow channel letters.

The V180 is breaking the mould of LED module design. Rather than mount the diodes pointing directly upwards as on most LED module products, the V180's patented LED array consists of three diodes arranged every 120° and placed at an optimal angle to the base of the module. What does this mean for the sign maker? Because all of the light from the module isn't aimed directly at the surface material, hot spots are eliminated and the end result is bright, even illumination, in can depths as shallow as 50mm.

V180 features the most efficient LED technology in this size package. In fact, according to ThyssenKrupp, across the entire spectrum of LED signage modules and strips available today. With an efficiency of just over 90 lumens per Watt, the V180 is only surpassed on efficiency by its bigger brother, the SloanLED Apollo module. This high efficiency equates to significantly lower running costs for the sign maker's customer and lower initial cost for the sign maker from a potential reduction in the number of power supplies required. Barry Blythe, Sales Director for Europe for SloanLED comments: "The V180 module not only provides a real solution for illuminating shallow letters, but it continues SloanLED's tradition of producing LED products for the signage market that deliver the ultimate package; bright, even illumination coupled with exceptional efficiency.

"The V180 is a mini-module that truly delivers the results in shallow signage. With its patented array of three diodes and leading efficiency, it allows sign makers the opportunity to offer a solution to their customers, at pricing that will keep them competitive."

For additional information, telephone Ryan Mann, Special Product Manager LEDs on 0844 846 9573 or visit the website www.thyssenkruppmaterials.co.uk

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