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SloanLED Apollo module now available at ThyssenKrupp Materials (UK).

With the launch of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) scheme by the Government and people looking to reduce their energy bills, it's important that the efficiency of LED modules isn't overlooked in signage. The Apollo (LED) developed by SloanLED.

ThyssenKrupp Materials is proud to be able to offer the signage market, what the company claims is the most efficient LED module available, the Apollo. Developed by SloanLED in California, the Apollo module is the ultimate blend of brightness and efficiency, offering solutions for everything from built-up letters to large flex-face light boxes.

The Apollo module offers an outstanding output of 50 lumens per module, yet only consumes 0.48W of energy. This means that a full metre of Apollo modules would only consume just over 3W of energy. The advantage this brings for the sign maker is that they can power more modules from a single power supply without compromising the quality of the installation. This low energy consumption should also make it easier for sign makers to sell LEDs as an illumination option to their customers over more traditional solutions like fluorescent tubes. Low energy consumption means that the signage becomes cheaper to run and these savings can be used to offset the additional expense of LEDs over fluorescent tubes.

Not one to remain complacent with its module design, SloanLED's Apollo module now features IP68 rating. The internal components of the modules are completely encapsulated in resin to offer a greater level of protection and further piece of mind for both the sign maker and end customer. This is backed up by SloanLED's five year warranty, which has recently been extended to cover their entire range of module products and power supplies.

A further development is the lens technology featured in the Apollo module that increases the beam angle to 150 degrees, allowing the light to spread much further. What this means for the sign maker is greater coverage with less modules, reducing costs and making LEDs a more energy efficient, viable option for end customers.

As part of its 'complete' LED service, ThyssenKrupp Materials (UK) will create layout drawings free of charge for any sign maker so that they can see exactly what products they will require and where they need to be installed in the signage. They also calculate energy savings and CO2 reductions based on an LED sign versus a sign illuminated by other light sources. This can be a great tool for sign makers to use to sell LEDs as the better option as it allows them to give the customer a pay-back period on their investment.

For further information about the Apollo module or the other products in the SloanLED range, please call Ryan Mann, LED Product Manager on 07966 165742, email ryan.mann@thyssenkrupp.com or visit www.thyssenkruppmaterials.co.uk

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