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Simplefix Letter Fixings - Ten years growth and manufacturing to ISO 9001 standards

SimpleFIX letter fixings
SimpleFIX letter fixings

Over the last 10 years simpleFIX has grown with a portfolio of products to supply both the print and sign industry sectors.

simpleFIX comes in four sizes Mini, Small, Medium, and Large, they are available in a choice of White or Black giving the sign maker the best choice for their projects.

Times have been very difficult during the Covid pandemic and although we experienced a downturn in business at the start we were soon inundated selling a wide range of our products as the signage and print industry played a huge part in supplying the public and private sector with safety screens and signs and notices for Covid 19, we continued to supply our customers with all that they require and have seen a large increase in sales over the last 12 months as our loyal customer base have continued to support us.

Over the years simpleFIX has built up a large UK distributor network and is now distributed by every major trade supplier, simpleFIX are manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 standards which gives our customers complete confidence in our products as we show we are committed to ensuring that our products along with our service are of the highest quality and that our manufacturing processes eliminate and minimise any risks that can be attributed to the use of non-tested inferior copyyproducts within the market making them the choice of the experienced Sign Maker.

After numerous requests from its customers simpleFIX have recently massively increased their range of products, as the go to locator supplier it makes sense that our customers trust the products we sell and prefer to shop for them with a company they can trust to deliver quality and service giving them the confidence to manufacture and install all of their projects to the highest standards.

Mark Ashcroft Managing Director says that customers are more conscious of using a tried and tested brand especially as in recent times in the press there have been many incidents reported of Signage falling and causing potential harm to the public it is therefore paramount that the correct materials are used and signs are maintained correctly.

We have increased our workforce to offer the best service to our current and new customers and continue to source and stock new and interesting products.

simpleFIX sockets are UV stabilised and frost resistant and come with a lifetime guarantee.

SimpleFIX Methacrylate for fixing Simplefix locators to all composites
SimpleFIX Methacrylate for bonding Simplefix locators to composites

simpleFIX manufacture their own two-part methacrylate adhesive

simpleFIX manufacture their own brand of Two-Part Methacrylate adhesive which has been thoroughly tested with the locators on all relevant substrates, products that have been added to the website include Tensol 12, Tensol 70, 3m VHB Tapes, Precision cleaning swabs, these are just a few items from the list of new products available, we have a dedicated team who answer any questions our customers may have regarding the product range and are always happy to assist where they can.


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