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Sihl Direct brings TriSolv Eco-friendly paper to the UK

With the environment and a low carbon footprint high on many business agendas, Sihl Direct UK has announced the availability of an established eco-friendly alternative to self adhesive vinyl films. Called TriSolv, the paper can be used in the same way as self adhesive vinyl films but is much less harmful to dispose of.


Businesses often use free standing or suspended panels for product advertising, generally made of plastic laminate materials in combination with films. These compositions have to be disposed of after advertising campaigns have finished. This material is potentially harmful to the environment because it does not decompose, and instead has to be burnt at a waste incineration plant, at temperatures greater than 1500°C in order to avoid dioxin formation.

The more environmentally friendly TriSolv PrimeArt Paper SA 275 glossy 3685 and TriSolv PrimeArt Paper blueback SA 210 glossy 3682, are now available for all those who work with solvent ink systems and are ideal for cardboard or pulp board uses. Signs made in this way can be recycled in small quantities along with waste paper and card from packaging. Generally larger quantities can be incinerated because they have a good thermal value and are more eco friendly. Also, very little additional CO2 is produced during this procedure because both the boards and the TriSolv media consist primarily of renewable materials.

Ian Turnbull, Operations Director at Sihl Direct UK, explains: “As a business Sihl is always looking for a green alternative. TriSolv is a good example of an environmentally friendly product, but one which also works. It gives maximum impact for poster advertising because it is a multi-layer coated, water and outdoor resistant, high white paper, which is specially developed for solvent as well as UV curing inks. The construction enables brilliant posters that can help the user to save up to 30% ink. The range is tried and tested and proven to exceed the demands of the market.” TriSolv is available immediately from Sihl Direct UK and authorised resellers.

For further information visit the website www.sihl-direct.co.uk

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