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SignTrade Letters launches 'Off-the-Peg' ChromaSign Letters

Example of SignTrade Letters' off-the-peg real chrome letters in its Chromasign range. SignTrade Letters Ltd, the North London-based manufacturer, has announced the launch of two ranges of ready-made stock ChromaSign letters. Until now, ChromaSign lettering has been available only as a bespoke item, made to special order.

Cheaper and quicker delivery times are two of the benefits plus all the advantages that come from the appeal and durability of real chrome lettering. The letters come in upper and lower case Helvetica Bold and upper case Times New Roman in sizes from 6", 9", 12" and 15 inches. Fully warranted for outdoor use, these letters add a different look from standard stainless steel letters.

"We have already been selling the stock letters even prior to the launch, such is the interest in this product, which is now available within 7-10 days," said Richard Woolff, SignTrade's Managing Director.

SignTrade, a BSGA member, also produce LED lighting for letters as well as brand-leading moulded and flat-cut letters. All products are manufactured at its London factory.

For further information about SignTrade Letters Ltd, call 0500 456700 or visit www.signtrade.co.uk

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