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Signscape - New solar powered notice board brings substantial savings

Signscape's new solar powered illuminated notice board, EcoVision, brings substantial environmental and cost savings. Signscape has just launched a solar powered illuminated notice board called EcoVision. Unveiled at the opening of the company's new showroom, it has already received widespread interest.

Signscape's managing director Hamish Paterson said, "To be able to support our customers with the latest in sign innovation is extremely important to us. EcoVision is the first solar powered illuminated notice board to hit the market and we are excited about the substantial environmental and cost savings it will bring to end users."

EcoVision is an extension of Signscape's longstanding Lynester poster display unit range and is available with an integrated solar panel or with a separate solar panel unit, in wall or post mounted models. There are no associated running costs because it is powered by UK manufactured solar photovoltaic (PV) panels. These are tilted at an optimal angle to maximise power output and promote battery longevity and are designed to accommodate the UK climate, working in daylight not just sunlight, to provide attractive and effective LED illumination.

It is also quick and easy to install because no mains power supply is required, therefore trenching for cabling is not necessary. This means reduced environmental impact and disturbance as well as reduced labour and material costs. This also allows more flexibility over positioning on site which is particularly beneficial to signage projects where trenching would prove difficult or restrictive, such as in the grounds of a cemetery.

EcoVision is also extremely robust and vandal resistant with lockable doors with 5mm high-impact acrylic faces. It needs no maintenance and the solar panel area is even self-cleaning due to its angle.

There are health and safety benefits to EcoVision too because it has an independent power supply. If the national grid goes down it will still work providing illumination of signs that could be important to public or staff safety.

EcoVision is available in all standard Lynester sizes, coordinating with standard poster sizes to make specification simple. It has an internal pinboard or painted steel back for mounting with magnets and can be top or back illuminated. It can be finished in any standard BS or RAL colour or powder coated to a bespoke finish using Signscape's in-house facilities.

Further information on EcoVision is available from Signscape Systems on 01934-852888, sales@signscape.co.uk or by visiting the company's website at www.signscape.co.uk

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