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Sign & Digital UK to welcome a host of new exhibitors for 2024

A line of people waiting to enter the SDUK exhibition
SDUK is attracting overseas exhibitors due to its reputation as a premier platform for the sign and digital industry.

With just a few weeks to go before the doors open for Sign & Digital UK 2024, the event is all set to be a vibrant showcase of cutting-edge products and innovations. The organisers are particularly delighted to announce that many new businesses from across the UK and international markets will be exhibiting at the show. These companies, representing diverse sectors within the signage and digital printing industry, are gearing up to offer attendees an immersive experience with new and dynamic offerings.

In addition to the fresh faces, SDUK will see the return of big-name exhibitors, adding a further layer of expertise and innovation to the exhibition floor. This combination of new and established participants ensures a comprehensive and compelling experience for all attendees.

Interactive Element to Captivate Visitors

Garrick Dartnell, Head of Marketing, Sign Trade Supplies, views SDUK as a platform to meet industry professionals, share information about the company's products, and discuss potential support for customers in 2024 and beyond. He says, "We decided to exhibit for a number of reasons: to meet the industry as a whole, introduce Sign Trade Supplies, put names to faces from our national customer base, and bring something a little different to the show."

Sign Trade Supplies plans to display its range of sustainable aluminium profiles, sign fixings, and components, emphasising value to customers. The stand will feature an interactive element, adding a fun and engaging dimension for attendees.

Connecting for Success

Nikki Green, Business Development Manager, Sign and Screenprint Supplies, the company's decision to exhibit, saying, "We have been supplying the Sign Trade for over 20 years, and after attending SDUK for a few years as visitors, we decided to exhibit, especially as it is our home city." The company looks forward to showcasing built-up letters, laser-cut signs, and other fabrications, aiming to develop new relationships and strengthen existing ones with sign companies.

Sustainability is Front and Centre at SDUK

New exhibitors come to SDUK to connect with industry professionals, particularly around the issue of sustainability, fostering meaningful collaborations, exchanging insights, and collectively advancing environmentally responsible practices within the business landscape.

Josh Candy, Director of UK Feather Flags, notes, "The event's reputation as a hub for signage, print, display, and design makes it an ideal platform for us to engage with a buying-ready audience and expand our market reach."

The company will showcase innovative products, including a new line of Eco fabric exhibition display solutions that demonstrate its commitment to sustainable signage. UK Feather Flags aims to build brand awareness, forge new business relationships, and gain insights into emerging market trends.

New Revenue Streams with Digital Signage Solutions

Chris Rushton, Managing Director, Assured Signage, aims to leverage SDUK 24 to highlight the potential of digital signage as a new revenue stream for traditional sign-makers and printers. Chris explains, "Our goal is to help businesses navigate this transformation and seize the opportunities it presents." Assured Signage will unveil its cutting-edge media player, 'Sureview Genesis,' offering exceptional performance and a low cost of ownership. The stand will also feature displays from Papercast, a global reseller of their product line, showcasing e-ink displays ideal for outdoor applications.

Innovative Display Technology

Brownings Ltd, in partnership with MAGNWALL, plans to showcase revolutionary wireless electrification systems at SDUK 2024. Brad Robinson, Sales Marketing Manager, Brownings Ltd, says, "This groundbreaking technology allows users to seamlessly mount electrical accessories onto the face of tension fabric systems, eliminating the need for complex wiring." The stand will also feature Brownings' comprehensive range, including TexSign tension fabric systems, Flex face products, bespoke snap frames, and more.

Brownings is excited to share this transformative technology and engage with businesses looking for dynamic and easily customisable displays.

Diverse Solutions for Every Sign and Digital Need

Katrina Weng, BestSub highlights the strategic decision to exhibit at SDUK 2024, stating, "As the biggest event in the UK for the visual communication sector, Sign & Digital is dedicated to attracting both new and returning exhibitors, showcasing the latest industry innovations."

BestSub will showcase its latest engraving machine, craft heat presses, Otter DTF system, and a comprehensive selection of craft supplies, materials, and tools.

Techsil is set to exhibit its new range of UV Curing products at SDUK 2024. Kate Harris, Business Unit Manager, Techsil, says, "We have a new range of UV Curing products, and we also now have a wider range of products available to us through partnership within the Techsil Family."

Expanding Global Presence

SDUK is attracting overseas exhibitors due to its reputation as a premier platform for the sign and digital industry. Overseas exhibitors see SDUK as an ideal venue to showcase their products, connect with a diverse and influential audience, and explore collaborative ventures, making it a compelling choice for those seeking to expand their presence in the Sign and Digital market.

Danny Chen, Exhibition Operator for Jiangxi Oujia Industrial Co., Ltd., and ZHEJIANG SO-FINE SELF-ADHESIVE PRODUCTS CO., LTD says the companies are looking to delve deeper into the UK market. Danny notes, "We hope to meet a few new customers and obtain trial orders." The companies will showcase acrylic products and a range of self-adhesive materials, allowing attendees to explore diverse solutions.

Event director of Sign & Digital UK, Tony Gardner, says: "With an array of new exhibitors set to bring innovation, engagement, and sustainability to Sign and Digital UK 2024, attendees will have plenty that’s new to explore and discover to help them develop their business in the year ahead!”


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