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Sign 2000 offers flexible financial packages

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Some good news from Sign 2000 in the midst of the ailing economy – the Kent based architectural and retail sign manufacturer has teamed up with an independent finance house to offer clients the option of paying for certain projects on a lease basis rather than by capital expenditure.

Sign 2000 Sales Director, Neil Scott, explains: “The option to pay for specific projects by leasing rather than capital payment would be attractive to many businesses in normal times but given the current economic climate it provides a welcome flexibility.”

Sign 2000 has teamed up with Henry Howard London Ltd, an independent finance house and broker, which has in excess of 15 funders in addition to their own portfolio.

Henry Howard’s Simon Lumley explains why they chose Sign 2000 as a partner. “We look for prominent, well established and reputable companies within various business sectors to work with us in extending customer choice through leasing/rental arrangements. Sign 2000 fitted the bill precisely in their sector and we are delighted to be working with them.”

The benefits to Sign 2000 clients who avail themselves of this flexible finance package are numerous:

  • No capital outlay – just a rental in advance
  • Tax efficient – rentals fully tax deductible
  • Easier to budget – fixed monthly payments eases planning
  • Better use of working capital – can be used in other areas of the business
  • Eases acquisition restrictions – leasing can remove new equipment from capital expenditure budgets
  • Efficient use of equipment – equipment need only be leased for the period of the agreement
  • Ability to keep pace with technology – easier to upgrade aging equipment
  • Increased income and efficiency – less time to recover capital equipment. New equipment can pay for itself and reduce costs.

Based in Paddock Wood, Kent, Sign 2000 has a client base comprising blue-chip names across the business spectrum as well as many small to medium sized commercial organisations.

It is anticipated that the leasing packages would prove suitable for projects ranging from £1000 upwards.

For further information contact Sign 2000 on 01892 834383 or visit www.sign2000.co.uk

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