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Shiraz Software unveils next generation RIP suite

Innovative software manufacturer Shiraz Software has announced a new generation of its RIP Server, Signature and Focus solutions which will allow users easier management of an unparalleled range of functions designed to streamline production and improve revenue. Fronted by a sleek, accessible Dashboard, the Shiraz V8 release has placed customer feedback at the heart of redevelopment and focused on creating an unbeatable, accessible user experience for wide-format printers. Shiraz RIP Server V8.

A full-scale rebuild of the underlying architecture sees the entire Shiraz range updated with faster and smarter RIP functionality, as well as an enhanced customer service module with sophisticated remote access and extended support for machines from several manufacturers. With native support for the latest Windows 7 and Mac OS X Lion operating systems, Shiraz V8 includes a Live Update facility which checks automatically for software upgrades, new media profiles and performance enhancing tweaks, installing them with minimal interferences to the software's operation.

The new Dashboard facility in Shiraz V8 makes switching between frequently used components a matter of seconds, not minutes spent loading different modules. This extremely intuitive interface enables novice users to learn control of their print environment quickly without compromising on the extended functionality expected of Shiraz by advanced operators. Meanwhile, across all versions of the new Shiraz programs, the powerful new RIP Buffering and Hyper RIP features deliver multi-threading in the print queue, allowing multiple jobs to RIP and print while others RIP ahead ready for immediate print, thereby increasing production efficiency.

Shiraz Server V8, Shiraz's complete solution for RIP workflow management for environments with multiple users and devices, sets new standards in speed, stability and ease-of-use, reducing management and processing times and improving throughput and accuracy. Server V8 now includes a HPGL/2 engine to support rendering and printing of vector and raster files. Developed especially for use in design, graphic arts, engineering, architecture and GIS mapping environments, the new HPGL/2 engine allows for large-format printing without the need for costly specialist solutions for individual applications.

For smaller wide-format facilities which nevertheless require a top-flight RIP solution, Shiraz Signature V8 promises a number of significant improvements, whilst retaining the powerful RIP capabilities that have made it Shiraz's leading production option. Alongside the redesigned user interface, it incorporates new developments in image management for smarter printing. Signature V8 is now available in single-user Solo or multi-user Server editions.

Also included in V8 release are the latest printer drivers for all the leading manufacturers such as HP Latex L26500 and L28500, Epson R3000, Seiko H2 series, Mutoh ValueJet 1324/1624 and Mimaki UJF3042, as well as many others.

The next generation of Shiraz's RIP solution suite is commercially available this month (January).

For further information telephone Shiraz Software on +44 (0)845 680 2484 email ramin@shiraz-software.com or visit www.shiraz-software.com

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