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Shimmerdisc makes an impact

a sequin display sequin mosaic featuring image of David Bowie close up of a printed sequin

Shimmerdisc Sequin Display offers photographic quality "shimmering brilliance" to any display and signage, inside and out. The Shimmerdisc patented modular and scalable disc display can be custom printed, creating pixel-perfect images, with over 5,000 sequins per square metre. The finished effect presents "inspiring, eye-catching" moving image displays that look almost 3D. According to the company they create impact on indoor and outdoor signage, retail displays, events, exhibitions and can "animate" an area to attract attention.

Any artwork can be printed on Shimmerdisc, from logos to photography, fine art to linear graphics.

Steve Collins, Marketing and Channel Manager Agfa UK, said: “I’m always on the look out for applications in our industry that allow creativity from our UV flat bed technologies. Every now and then, a new idea comes along that stops you in your tracks. One of these moments occurred recently while I was walking around the Sign & Digital exhibition at the NEC in Birmingham. The Shimmerdisc image of David Bowie immediately caught my eye with the stunning effect of the sequin displays. Shimmerdisc is an application that is perfectly suited to our Agfa UV flat bed products such as our Anapurna range and the Jeti Mira and the Tauro. When the two are combined, the fusion of the photographic quality from our product’s along with the creative attributes of Shimmerdisc, create a final printed result that is visually amazing. Shimmerdisc is a perfect example of a product that will take display imagery to a higher level.”

All Shimmerdisc products are made in the UK and can be shipped worldwide. Shimmerdisc is also waterproof so can be installed outside, perfect for signage of all kinds, says the company. As the system is modular, Shimmerdisc can be printed any size, great for billboards, marketing, events and exhibitions, retail and commercial signage, festivals, bars, clubs, restaurants and backdrops.

“We’re pleased the industry are excited about including Shimmerdisc in their portfolio. Introducing Shimmerdisc into your print offering, opens up more business and is an opportunity to show your customers something new that they will never have seen before. Guaranteed to totally knock their socks off!” says Andrew Ainge, Managing Director of Shimmerdisc. “We’ve got some interesting projects and installations coming up, from fine art to major branded high street window displays.”

Shimmerdisc has partnerships with the major printing companies such as Agfa, Roland, HP, Fuji and Mimaki.

How it’s done
Shimmerdisc is printed on flatbed UV printers or specifiers can order direct through Shimmerdisc. The bigger the display the more impact it has. A 1000 x 1000mm display is the smallest they will do, which is 5,625 discs. Wall Installations typically have around 100,000+ discs.

Displays are ordered in 200x200mm modules with 225 printed 13mm discs per module. This is scalable to any size from 1 square metre to billboard size and can be custom printed, plain or reflective. They can also produce 3D virtual proofs of a design and animated video showing how the design will look. Visuals can be shown in room sets and they can apply various lighting conditions.


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