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On the safe side with ASLAN

ASLAN self-adhesive decorative glass filmASLAN's portfolio of self-adhesive glass decoration films offers a unique range of effects that 'allows an effective and high-quality decoration of glass surfaces for the interior and exterior'.

Fine air channels in the adhesive allow even inexperienced users a 'fast and easy dry application'. Due to its special composition and unique adhesive, the glass decoration films are not comparable to any other product in its quality and application technology. This prevents the film being damaged during the application (causing white lines) and makes sure it can be corrected and repositioned easily during application. The application tape can be removed immediately after applying the film.

For safe use of the glass decoration films in public areas, ASLAN also offers an additional fire safety classification according to Euroclass DIN EN 13501-1. So the glass decoration films are classified as hardly inflammable on glass.

The films have a long outdoor durability of at least seven years and still can be removed after several years, according to ASLAN. They are available in a large variety of effects such as a frosted, dusted, milk glass and different etched glass effects.


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