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Self-adhesive strip locks fabric into frame

EDGE Tex to Fabric being displayed and showed
Apply EDGE-Tex to the back of the outside edge of the textile, fold and insert into the aluminium channel.
EDGE Tex Strech Frame being displayed and showed

Admiral Tapes has launched a newproduct that will “open up the visual communications market to any company that has the capability to print to fabric”.

EDGE-Tex Tape is a single-sided selfadhesive strip that is used to lock printed fabric into the channel of aluminium frames (LED, back- and front-lit) to create a flat tensioned surface It eliminates the need to use an industrial sewing machine because it can easily be applied by hand.

Application is simple: allow approximately 25mm of additional material to each side of the graphic, apply EDGE-Tex to the back of the outside edge of the textile, fold and insert into the aluminium channel.

It saves time and is so simple to use any member of the team can install printed graphics. The strip can be repositioned to enable a correct assessment of size and using a hand-held roller ensures Admiral’s special adhesive system ingresses into the fabric to provide a strong bond.

EDGE-Tex has been tested on a range of fabrics from different manufacture’s that have been printed with UV or dyesublimated inks; it even works on exterior grade textiles and PVC banner material.

EDGE-Tex is denser than the traditional silicone strip used for this application; this provides an additional benefit because the reduced stretch is more compatible with fabric. This means that the product is more robust for manual application.

Graphics can be inserted and exchanged into different frames; the product offers long-term performance. EDGE-Tex is designed to be used on its own to create a complete flexible media tension frame; installing graphics in a 2m x 3m frame takes only minutes and larger frames are just as easy.

It is useful to have a roll to hand when fitting graphics that have already been stitched with a silicone strip; any sizing adjustments can be made immediately on site. EDGE-Tex is available from Spirit Displays and The application video can be viewed on YouTube:



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