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Seiko II Colorpainter promises high speed without image quality compromise

Following Colourgen's recent launch of the new Seiko II ColorPainter H-104S and H-74S (see page 35 last issue); Sign Update takes another look.

Seiko II ColorPainterThe new Seiko II ColorPainter has been designed to offer high speed printing without compromising on image quality. This is achieved this with a combination of new features and advancements in technology.

Eight new high speed print heads with 508 nozzles each are crucial. They have the ability to fire twice at one target, which gives a larger ink volume per dot and a density that makes the draft mode truly practical. A powerful dryer also helps production speed and ensures a quick turn around on all applications, including banners, trade show signs, vehicle wraps, production art, and many more.

The two configurations of the print heads should more than satisfy the demands of wide format print producers wanting both high volume output and high image quality.

The eight colour configuration is perfect for short distance viewing with high speed printing up to 55 sq.m./hr, and the four colour configuration is ideal for mid to long distance image quality and extreme printing speeds.

Grey and light grey inks are included to drastically improve gradation of black and tonal ranges and quality is further enhanced by Smart Pass Technology radically reducing horizontal banding.

The need for media flexibility across PVC, banner materials, flexible face media, papers and fabrics, is satisfied by the ColorPainter's auto head adjustment feature. It automatically detects the thickness of media being used and adjusts the height of the print heads to ensure the best image quality.

A generous 1.5 litre ink cartridge and sub tank enables round-the-clock printing and on-the-fly ink replenishment.

Additional innovations on the latest ColorPainter includes a new rack and pinion type media alignment system to ensure straight winding to the end of roll. Operators also benefit from low ink usage and a printed alignment line to help make double sided printing easier.

Options include exhaust attachment for forced ventilation system, foot switch, extra scroller shaft, and a mesh printing kit that expands applications for outdoor banner business, is easy to install, saves time and improves turn around.

For more information telephone Colourgen on 01628 588722 or visit the website www.colourgen.com

Seiko- II with Tension/Outer Take-upSeiko II with Tension/Inner Take-upSeiko II Loose/Outer Take-upSeiko II Loose/Inner Take-up

The roll take-up unit with four winding modes comes as standard. Left to right: Tension/Outer
Take-up, Tension/Inner Take-up, Looser/Outer Take-up, Loose/Inner Take-up.

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