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Seal upgrade could net up to £2,000 discount

Colourgen has announced a loyalty discount promotion for customers wishing to upgrade their old SEAL laminator to a newer model. The offer ranges from £700 discount for the Seal 44" Ultra Plus, through to £2,000 for a Seal 600MD and runs until 31st May.

Melanie Enser, Product Marketing Manager for Colourgen, comments, "With run times shrinking and budgets tightening, end users are looking for higher productivity and greater flexibility from their laminators. This offer from Seal gives customers an excellent opportunity to benefit from the latest lamination technology while enjoying a big cash discount on a new machine."

The Seal brand is synonymous with quality mounting and laminating products in wide format print finishing solutions. Seal Graphics boasts the most comprehensive and diverse range of finishing products in the world. Always focusing on their core strengths, each Seal laminator is developed to complement other Seal products for complete compatibility and peace of mind performance. Traditional mounting and laminating has evolved to fast and effortless print finishing using either a combination of laminating films and adhesives or liquid coating systems.

Melanie Enser concludes, "To reflect their confidence and commitment to providing customers with the best products, every Seal product is backed by unparalleled warranties and application performance guarantees. In it’s quest for excellence, Seal continuously tests it’s products with other industry manufacturers’ products and has developed strategic warranty programs with printer partners to provide customers with the ultimate finished product and choice."

This offer is available immediately from authorised Colourgen resellers. For more information, please visit www.colourgen.com

The Seal 600MD

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