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Ritrama launches Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack

Sports car being wrapped with Ritrama's Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack film
The innovative, highly conformable cast PVC film, which can be customized with a wide variety of colors and graphic solutions, is ideal for vehicle wrapping.
A blade being used to cut film on a car wrapped with Ritrama's Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack film

The Fedrigoni Group, a world leader in the production of paper and self-adhesive materials for premium labels, expands its offer in the world of Ritrama-branded graphics and visual communication solutions with Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack: a new self-adhesive film product ideally suited for vehicle wrapping.

In its quest for ongoing improvement, Ritrama continues to drive technological innovation in every product area, with a range of self-adhesive materials that is increasingly wide and higher in quality. These cutting-edge applications range from advertising and promotional decorations to graphics for architectural and commercial spaces, from corporate branding with carving and digital printing materials to the most recent Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack for vehicle wrapping.

Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack is a high-quality product specially designed for wrapping commercial and private vehicles. During application, the conformability of the CAST PVC allows the film to conform to the numerous curved and irregular parts of a car, such as mirrors or bumpers. This material is characterized by its durability and its conformability. It is possible to combine two different types of laminations, both matt and gloss, in order to further customize the vehicle and protect the print from mechanical abrasion and UV rays, with an estimated resistance of up to 12 years. The high quality of the PVC ensures high dimensional stability, maintaining unchanged performance over time, for an excellent final result.

The unique structure of the liner, combined with the low adhesion of the adhesive, makes application quick and easy, helping the installer to eliminate any creases or air bubbles that may form; the remarkable simplicity of use is ensured even when removing the product at a later stage.

The particular suitability for digital printing enables the customization of commercial fleets and vehicles. This makes it possible to satisfy all brand requests, resulting in considerable interest for all their different types of vehicle-based communication, with the option to change the colors or add graphic elements.

Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack further elevates the level of quality provided by the Ritrama by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives range. This high-end product is manufactured in the factories of the Fedrigoni Group, which continues its strategy of expanding into promising segments, with the usual standards of quality of service.


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