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JETRIX LXiR320 Prints Ringside Graphics for Anthony Joshua Fight and Other Leading Events

Graphics printed on a JETRIX LXiR320 by Ringcraft Boxing Facilities had ringside seats while Briton, Anthony Joshua knocked out Kubrat Pulev in the fight in December. The win saw the world heavyweight champion boxer potentially now facing Tyson Fury in 2021. While this was a truly significant event in the boxing calendar, it was actually just one of many events that Ringcraft produced graphics for using their JETRIX at the end of 2020. 

Ringcraft have been manufacturing and hiring boxing rings for over 25 years now. They supply companies such as Sky, BBC, ITV and all of the major boxing promoters in the UK and abroad. They have had a JETRIX printer for several years now and frequently use it to produce the graphics for many of the national, international fights and other events. The fight in December was one of the only sporting events in 2020 to actually happen with a live audience. At the end of the fight, the 1,000 fans granted access to Wembley Arena, were clearly delighted at the prospect of Joshua facing Fury next. Thoughts at the moment are that the IBF (International Boxing Federation), WBA (World Boxing Association) and WBO (World Boxing Organisation) champion could fight Fury later this year. 

When talking about their involvement in this prestigious event, Mike Goodall, Managing Director of Ringcraft says: 

“For us, this is the core of our business. We are known across the industry for producing the graphics for many of the boxing events across the country. In fact, during the course of December we produced the banners for five shows that were going on at Wembley Arena. Due to the pandemic and restrictions on audiences attending the venue needed to be properly dressed with graphics to compensate for the lack of audience numbers.”

When talking about the JETRIX LXiR320, he continues; 

“As a result, we probably produced in the region of 50 – 60 banners over the course of the month, some of which were 6½ by 2m in order to fill the spaces. What was great was the JETRIX LXiR320 just got on with it. It’s awesome! It kept churning through the jobs, consistently producing fabulous quality and perfect colour vibrancy. Then when it was done, it was ready and waiting for the next project.” 

Ben Woodruff, Head of JETRIX UK Sales at InkTec Europe comments: 

“What an honour to be part of not just an iconic event in the boxing calendar, but also one of the only sporting events to have an actual live audience in 2020.  While we know JETRIX printers are used for all sorts of indoor and outdoor signage and feature in a multitude of different environments, it was great to celebrate it being used for such an exciting event. The 3.2m wide roll-to-roll printer is ideal for the large scale production of PVC, flex, fabric banner, backlit banner for signage. So seeing the scale and volume of graphics that Ringcraft produce, it is no wonder the JETRIX LXiR320 is perfect for them.”  


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