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Ricoh list the benefits of latest features in latex printer

Ricoh Pro L5160e wide format printer
The option of orange and green inks for its RICOH Pro L5160e and RICOH Pro L5130e extended gamut latex large format printers allows the accurate reproduction of a wider range of Pantone and brand colours.

Sign Update asked Stewart Cobby, Inkjet Sales Manager, at Ricoh UK about the latest technology in their latex roll-to-roll printers and what the latest features mean for sign-makers. Stuart summarised with:

No gassing. It’s ready to hang

Ricoh’s latest roll-to-roll printer, the Ricoh Pro L5160e, uses fast-drying latex inks. Unlike conventional solvent and eco-solvent inks, Ricoh’s latex inks do not require gassing-off. Reducing production times, media is delivered dry and can immediately be hung or moved to secondary processes, such as laminating.

Ideal for indoor signage

Grow your business by producing floor graphics, wall coverings and static clings for indoor use. Ricoh’s GREENGUARD® certified latex inks do not emit noxious odours, which means no venting is required. The ready-cured print media can be installed in sensitive indoor environments, such as healthcare, education and hospitality.

Perfect for outdoors too

Ricoh’s latex inks hold their colour against the elements. Durable and scratch resistant, they are perfect for outdoor signage applications. You can leverage the broad media support of the Pro L5160e to create lucrative outdoor products, such as event banners, vehicle wraps and bus shelter advertising. And using our white ink, you can also create stunning backlit day/night panels.

Faster throughput speed

Printing at speeds of up to 46.7m² per hour, the Pro L5160e streamlines production, helping you to meet the demand for high-quality, fast turnaround work. Ricoh’s unique drop-on-demand printhead technology speeds production and ensures that high-quality output is delivered at pace. Irrespective of the media, the output is delivered dry, fully cured and ready for installation.

Lower print temperature

Because Ricoh’s latex inks cure at lower temperatures than other latex inks, the Pro L5160e is able to print reliably onto heat-sensitive media, such as PVC, PET and fabric. With smudging from uncured inks and cockling from overheated media no longer an issue, you can expand your product range to include window graphics, vehicle wraps and wall hangings.

White ink applications

Ricoh’s high-opacity white latex ink helps expand your printable media range to include clear, dark and coloured substrates. Use white as a mid-layer for printing day/night backlit applications or as a base under CMYK to protect colour integrity. As a spot colour, opaque white creates an eye-catching element in text, images and patterns to turn heads and capture attention.

Wider colour palette

And white isn’t the only standout colour. The pigments in Ricoh’s specially formulated second-generation latex inks combine to produce vibrant colours and dense blacks with a matt finish. And Ricoh’s new Orange and Green inks can be used to match corporate colours. Offering a wider colour palette than other latex printers, the Pro L5160e brings posters, banners and point-of-purchase materials to life.

Minimise running costs

With its low running costs and maintenance-free performance, the Pro L5160e will enhance your bottom line. Ricoh’s innovative variable dropsize print process reduces ink consumption by as much as 48%. And, reducing running costs, the stainless steel printheads continue to deliver day-one quality over years of reliable use, without need for replacement.


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