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a hand golding a roll of proputtyMULTIFIX PROPUTTY from Eurobond Adhesives Ltd is a "fast curing, hard wearing" repair putty that can be used to fill and repair holes, cracks or dents in most materials such as metals, plastics, fibreglass, Dibond, wood, concrete and stone in just a few minutes.

If you’ve drilled a hole in the wrong place, you can fill it with PROPUTTY, says the company. If you’ve damaged the edge of a sign, fill with PROPUTTY and sand it smooth. It is simple to use and is a great "get out of jail card" tool to have in your toolbox or store for those unexpected situations. To use you cut off a piece of putty to suit your application, then roll or knead the material in the palm of your hand until the material is an even dark grey colour.

Then press it into place, smooth off the edges with a blade or finger and wait for 10 minutes before sanding. PROPUTTY can be drilled or tapped after one hour. It can even be used in wet condition or underwater.

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