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Recyclable composite aluminium and polymer sheets

ACM panels with printed graphics on it in a shop window
ACM panels are suited for a wide range of decorative indoor or outdoor applications.

Righton Blackburns is offering its ACM composite panel consisting of two aluminium cover sheets and a polymer core. The surfaces are coated using a high quality polyester paint, making the sheet weather resistant. ACM can be recycled at the end of its service life.

ACM panels are “suited for a wide range of decorative indoor or outdoor applications” that require good dimensional stability, low weight and a sleek, brilliant look including signage, point of sale, exhibition stand panels, interior cladding, portable buildings, kiosks and boat interiors.

A lightweight, flat, rigid and dimensionally stable material, ACM is said to be durable, versatile and easy to fabricate using conventional tools. The high-quality, polyester paint makes an ideal substrate for digital printing, screen printing and as a carrier of acrylic or vinyl lettering.

A comprehensive range of sheet sizes and thicknesses is available and the company 13has a dedicated fabrication facility that enables the business to supply bespoke, semi-finished and cut-to-size panels. In addition to an extensive range of white and standard RAL colours, the company stocks a brilliant white digital print grade for the very best, vibrant, colour reproduction. To complement this, a range of vivid colours is stocked, making the colour range “the widest in the UK”. With close manufacturer support, a rapid colour matching service based on RAL colours is quickly available.

In addition to a smooth, flat surface, Righton Blackburns can supply ACM panels with decorative surface finishes that include galvanised steel, dual metallic and brushed metallic silver. Internal and weatherproof external mirror finishes complete the range. The company offers a 5-12 year manufacturer’s warranty depending on grade of ACM sheet supplied and confirms that the material is RoHS compliant.


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