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Re-launched Sign Making Tools bring WrapCut to the UK market

wrapcut adhesive tape held to demonstrate exceptionally fine filament wrapcut-cutting-tape-vinyl
After a year Paul Hughes would sooner forget, he was delighted to re-launch his company Sign Making Tools at this year's Sign & Digital show.

The company was originally launched at last year's show but Paul suffered the loss of one of the company's main suppliers and was then in a major accident that literally saw him off his feet for six months with two broken legs! Now fully recovered, Paul and the company are back bigger, better and with hundreds of new products. One of the new items, which proved an enormous hit at this year's Sign & Digital show, is a product that will truly alter the way anyone who is involved in vehicle graphics/wrapping works.

WrapCut™ is a narrow, flexible adhesive tape with an exceptionally strong fine filament attached to the adhesive side in close proximity to the tape edge. The filament becomes a cutting tool when pulled separately, outward through the film of material that's been applied on top of the edge cutting tape.

The method and application is fast and easy. Simply position the tape with the filament-bearing edge along the precise desired line for cutting, apply the vinyl film to the surface as usual and then pull the filament out and through the vinyl. With the fine cutting filament at the very edge of the tape, WrapCut now becomes an applicator's predetermined trim line, producing a perfect result every time.

No knife is required, meaning you no longer need to worry about damaging the vehicle's paint and other benefits include a reduction in the required skill level (fast learning curve), it creates new possibilities for application (overlapping vinyl surfaces) and is very inexpensive (low cost-per-foot/meter) plus a saving of time and energy.

Not only can WrapCut produce sharp straight lines it can also be used to cut out curved shapes around door handles, locks and recessed panels. It is extremely strong and can easily cut through laminated prints, reflective, and multi layers of vinyl.

WrapCut comes on a plastic reel that holds 122 metres of this innovative new product.

Paul said: "As a sign maker of 24 years I could instantly see the potential of this product and had to bring it to the UK market." For further information on other innovative sign making tools and video demonstrations of the WrapCut visit the website www.signmakingtools.co.uk

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