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Pyramid launches the Environmental Choices Box

Pyramid Display Materials Ltd., a substrate supplier to the screen, sign and digital market, has launched its complete environmental choices selector box. The aim of the box is to make print buyers aware of environmental facts of each substrate and assist in the correct selection of product.

Pyramid felt the need to provide such a marketing tool after a 300% increase in environmental queries to its sales hotline between January and April.

Pyramid managing director, Mr Dennis Moran said, "The good news is that the print and display industry is clearly aware and focused on introducing more green solutions. However, there does appear to be a lot of confusion out there. Our fear is that the lack of awareness about the relative merits of substrate versus substrate could prove a barrier for printers who want to make the correct environmental selection.

"Every day we field questions such as: How biodegradable is it? Is it made from FSC or PEFC approved pulp, or does the substrate contain any harmful resins within its make up etc.? This indicates a certain level of confusion. And we wanted our new Pyramid Environmental Choices Box to support the decision-making process with the key facts."

Pyramids new Environmental Choices campaign includes a new website www.environmentalchoices.co.uk where printers can request a free information pack. The pack details information, industry articles, and a free CD ROM featuring details of 37 substrates from 10 material groups. Anyone registering will also receive free future updates.

The environmental selector box was designed and produced by large format printer Image Group UK.

Image Group Managing Director, Mr Neil Cousins said, "Producing the pack has given our business a fresh insight into the latest materials and their respective environmental merits. Pyramid has made a bold move investing time and energy into this resource and we hope the print industry will support their efforts by registering on the website."

Dennis added, "Our campaign is all about being even-handed with information to allow purchasers to make better-balanced choices over material selection.

"We see this as the first step in giving the print industry a comprehensive understanding of the latest technologies now available to every environmentally-concious business."

The environmental choices pack is freely available from the website www.environmentalchoices.co.uk

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