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ORAFOL introduces new translucent film

Three rolls of translucent film ORALITE 6910T translucent film on an internally illuminated traffic bollard.

ORAFOL 'keeps leading the way' in new and innovative films for the traffic control market. Most recently the company introduced a prismatic reflective translucent film designed for manufacturing of internally illuminated signs and traffic bollards or airfield taxi-way signs. These provide a high level of diffuse light transmission from internal sources, and a powerful reflective backup in case of light system failure, according to the company.

The commercial name is ORALITE® 6910T Brilliant Grade Translucent, and it comes in a range of different colours including fluorescent ones. Due to its prismatic construction, this is one of the brightest products of its kind in the market.

The product can be both screen printed and UV digitally printed; and comes with a service life of no less than 12 years for standard colours and 10 years for fluorescent colours.

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