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Print film wrap works on challenging surfaces and deeper curves

Truck wrapped in 3M print wrap film series IJ180mC
All films in the Series allow faster installs to recesses, curved surfaces, corrugations and rivets without snapping back.

Sanctioned for 3D applications, the full set of 3M Print Wrap Film Series IJ180mC is offered by William Smith and suitable for even more of the most challenging shapes and even deeper curves.

The films all have optimised initial tack, non-visible Comply adhesive, fine-tuned ‘slideability’ and easier liner release, allowing for faster installs to recesses, curved surfaces, corrugations and rivets, without snapping back.

While IJ180mC-10, IJ180mC-114 and IJ180mC-120 are all excellent 3D conformable vehicle and boat wrap cast vinyl films, each have their own individual finish. Printable white wrapping film IJ180mC-10 has high opacity for excellent finishing that installs incredibly fast, while printable transparent wrapping film IJ180mC-114 allows you to mix printed images with clear areas to create unique designs. IJ180mC-120 is the first 3D printable metallic wrap film that can create an attention-grabbing effect.

IJ180-10SLS not only serves as a great vehicle and boat wrap but has the added strength to adhere to stainless steel vehicles including tankers, refrigerated trucks and food trucks.

When facing difficult low surface energy substrates such as caravans, all-terrainNewsvehicles, motocross bikes and snowmobiles, print wrap film IJ180mC-10LSE can be applied. The ultra- removable film IJ180mC-10UR is good for short-term promotional graphics as its adhesive removes cleanly without heat or chemicals, making it suitable for even film on film applications.

Chris Bradley, head of marketing at William Smith comments: “As vehicle wrappers call more and more for print wrap films with enhanced 3D functionality, the news that the range can be applied to even deeper recesses is sure to be welcomed by the industry.

With each of the cast vinyl films in the IJ180mC Series offering their own unique properties, customers have more 3D-conformable options for every preference, style and application than ever before.” www.williamsmith.co.uk

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