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Acrylic polishing machines give signmakers the edge

Awltech AF 110 45 edge polisher
The AF 110-45 edge-polisher has a relatively small footprint with a working height of 950mm and a width of 1,300mm.

As the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for plastics finishing machines specialist manufacturer AF Acryl in Germany, Hampshire-based AWLTECH has introduced two versions of the AF 110-45 diamond edge-polishing solution. The ECO and XL models have common as well as individual design and performance characteristics, with the latter being more suited to heavier-duty finishing/polishing requirements.

These machines have been developed to enable manufacturers, primarily those in the signage, plastics fabrication, general engineering and architectural design and build sectors, to incorporate either a high gloss or matt finish to a wide range of acrylic and thermoplastic materials.

Typically, these include PMMA, PETG, PVC and PC formulations that are used extensively in these end user industries using either a natural or synthetic (PCD) diamond-based cutter.

The AF 110-45 edge-polisher has a relatively small footprint with a working height of just 950mm and a width of 1,300mm to better accommodate the production requirements of companies where available work space may be at a premium. The machine has a feed rate of up to 4.2 metres/minute and will handle materials in a thickness of up to 45mm, removing around 0.5mm of material in the polishing/finishing process.

Key design features include a feed adjustment potentiometer, machine clamping system, electronic operation desk, infeed/outfeed rails up to 600mm in length and an optional upper roller support facility to enable the processing of larger sheets of material.

CE-rated and supplied with a 12-month performance warranty, the AF 110 can be demonstrated by a member of AWLTECH’s technical team at the company’s premises in Alton, Hampshire.


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