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Penloc Multi-Fix a new generation of adhesive technology

Penloc Multi fix cartridge with a heavy duty mastic gun The demands put upon sign makers to produce ever more technically complicated signage to meet the demands and expectations of their clients can at times seem very frustrating and even daunting. The health and safety implications of components used in the making of the sign and the environmental impact they may have or cause are all considerations, especially for the larger corporate customers, councils and public sector organsiations.

Eurobond Adhesives Ltd are one of the leading suppliers of adhesives to the signage industry and prides itself on providing high tech solutions to their customers ever changing needs. Penloc Multi-Fix is the latest addition to our range of structural adhesives available to the signmaker. It is a single component polymer hybrid adhesive that will bond most metals, plastics, wood, concrete, brick and glass in any combination.

Penloc Multi-Fix is non-hazardous and non-flammable. It has no odour and is environmentally friendly. It demonstrates very high strength characteristics but remains flexible enough to tolerate thermal extremes, vibration and shock. Penloc Multi-Fix is specified by many councils and local authorities throughout the UK in the manufacture and installation of signage and is widely used by thousands of metal fabricators throughout Europe. It is resistant to water, salt water, UV light and most common oils, solvents and chemicals.

Penloc Multi-Fix has been designed to hold unsupported components such as signage against a vertical plane, soffit or wall soon after application and will gain an initial grab in just 30 minutes allowing you plenty of time to ensure correct alignment etc.

Penloc Multi-Fix is available in 290ml mastic type cartridges and can be dispensed using a heavy duty mastic gun.

For more information on how Multi-Fix can help you please contact our sales team on 01795 427888 or visit eurobond-adhesives.co.uk

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