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Pacer K series router - SignLine cuts production costs

Pacer 3020K CNC machine installed at a users premises. Established by Jason Bunn in 1992 as a one-man mobile operation, SignLine has evolved to become a highly successful sign manufacturing and digital printing company. It now operates from a 450 square metre purpose-built factory in Norfolk and has a staff of four. Whilst a large part of the business is based on cut vinyl graphics and digitally printed output, SignLine undertakes a considerable amount of trade work within the sign industry and in particular the requirement for all kinds of panel signs, as well as providing a CNC manufacturing resource for the retail sector and various industrial outlets.

Central to the company's success has been the installation of a Pacer 3020K CNC router. Part of the Pacer K Series that established virtual benchmark status by providing a major price/ performance breakthrough, this combined routing and engraving solution has a processing area of 3,050 x 2,050mm and accommodates the requirements of large-format production. It is particularly effective on 2D and 3D work involving all types of wood, metal and wood composites, plastics and non-ferrous metals. Standard features include Pacer's high-end machine control system with integral PC and software, a zoned vacuum bed for more efficient work holding and a cyclonic particle and dust extraction facility to maintain a clean working environment. Automatic tool length calibration and a continuously rated spindle help set the K series apart from other machines, while the robustly built and more rigid steel frame assists material alignment and thus the quality of cut.

On the production and cost-saving capabilities of the Pacer router installed at SignLine, Jason Bunn commented: ‘The single most important contribution that the Pacer router has made to the success of our business has been its ability to allow us to carry out all CNC-based work in-house rather than having to use other suppliers. This has obviously reduced both manufacturing costs and turnaround times whilst attracting a considerable amount of new trade work that hitherto we would have been unable to handle. For example, our first order following installation of the Pacer router took just three days to complete, whereas previously the same job would have taken two weeks. In particular, the router has enabled us to undertake engraving work in-house and this has created a valuable new revenue stream. It has also enabled us to open up new areas of business, with 3D routing being a good example of this.'

The contribution that Jason Bunn's industry knowledge and particular work ethos, combined with production solutions like the Pacer router, have made to the success of SignLine is reflected in the positive feedback received from customers, many of which now use the company as a preferred and often exclusive supplier. The work undertaken for these clients has included prestigious signage for Subaru and Daihatsu international car dealerships and a 100 per cent placement of all trade work by one customer who admitted that this decision emanated from the machinery solutions like the Pacer router that SignLine had now installed.

One of the attractions of using Pacer machinery expressed by Jason Bunn was the knowledge and technical skills that the company's staff demonstrated both during the installation period and the after-sales support it has provided subsequently. In conclusion, Jason Bunn commented: ‘In the short term, we are not planning to invest in new machinery. However, having spoken with other people in the trade and based on our own experience, should we decide to make a further investment we would again choose a Pacer system.

For further information on Pacer systems, visit the website www.pacersys.co.uk or telephone Liam Hodson on 0115 988 7773. For more information on the services provided by SignLine, visit www.signsandprinting.co.uk or telephone Jason Bunn on 01379 677 699.

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