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Pacer K+ Series of CNC routers introduced by AXYZ

Pacer 1250 K+ Series router.Leading manufacturer of CNC routing solutions to the plastics fabrication, sign and general manufacturing industries, AXYZ International has introduced its latest Pacer K+ Series of routers. They meet the highest standards of accuracy and quality of cut that are normally found only in more expensive machines.

All of the machines are built on a robust steel frame and incorporate high-quality ball screw drives with integral steel bearings and slide ways. These are fully enclosed to provide maximum protection from dust and particle contamination and to keep maintenance to a minimum. Precise gantry alignment is maintained at all times by the built-in self-squaring feature supported by independent twin motor drives. The ball screw drives are powered by high-speed servomotors that have been specially chosen for their ability to provide smooth motion and high-torque response at all cutting speeds.

The Pacer K+ Series of routers can be supplied with optional additional features to increase their production capabilities. These include the AXYZ Automatic Tool Change (ATC) facility that greatly increases the speed (on average around six seconds) with which different cutting tools can be changed when producing work that requires multiple tooling. There is also a choice of quick-release spindles that can be operated manually or in conjunction with the ATC feature and the AXYZ ICS (Intelligent Cutting System) that is reputedly the most powerful and accurate vision registration system currently available.

Available in a choice of four of the most popular sizes (1,250 x 1,250mm up to 3,050 x 2,050mm), the Pacer K+ Series is suitable for 2D and 3D routing and engraving applications on a wide range of materials including acrylics and plastics, various woods and non-ferrous metals.

In a separate development, AXYZ International has announced the availability of a new PC, software and controller package to enable existing users of its Pacer routers to upgrade with a new Windows 7-based system. The latest generation of machine controller can be separated from the PC and installed in its own specially designed housing. This means users can take advantage of the new PC’s power, performance and networking capabilities under Windows 7 whilst remaining free to upgrade, repair or change the router’s control PC at any time without affecting the now separate control system. The new controller requires only a standard USB connection to the PC for downloading programs and controlling the machine.

Further information on both developments can be accessed at www.axyz.co.uk or by telephoning a member of the AXYZ technical team on 0190 237 5600.

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