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One To One: Opportunity in American market for distribution partner

Chemical etching and engraving specialist, One to One Engravers is seeking a partner to distribute its innovative Magnetic Slat Directory systems and complementary Door Room Sliders and Magnetic Door Plates, throughout the USA.

The Magnetic Slat Directory, known as MagSlat, is a magnetic interchangeable signage system, designed as a simple yet effective solution for stylishly displaying text in countless internal and external applications. The patented MagSlat system has the unique benefit of a secret removable slat, making it virtually tamperproof while enabling any individual slat to be replaced easily, in just seconds.

Available in a range of sizes, with between six and 60 slats, MagSlat is fabricated in a choice of materials, including stainless steel and brass effect EuroSign, as well as woods such as mahogany, oak, and cherry. The visually pleasing system is durable and maintenance free.

One to One Engravers supplies MagSlat etched, engraved or left blank for customers to apply their own vinyl. Matching Door Room Sliders and Magnetic Door Plates are also available from One to One.

Customers of the system in the UK are varied but include business and retail centres, hotels, hospitals and medical centres, registered company offices, office blocks and upmarket multipleoccupancy residential buildings.

Frank Green, Managing Director of One To One Engravers, who came up with the concept for MagSlat, says: "This system is amazingly simple but works exceptionally well, customers choose materials and slat configurations to suit their individual applications and they love it.

"MagSlat's potential and the profits possible for an American distributor are incredible, whether they're supplying trade customers or direct to end users. The system is quick and easy to assemble and doesn't need special skills or complicated tooling. We would supply the laser cut frames, holders and spacers and our USA partner would just have to assemble the systems.

"We've found that here in the UK, larger corporations often order multiple systems, one or more for each location, perhaps one large Directory at the entrance and smaller ones on each floor. So, the numbers required and consequently the profits soon add up. Our American partner would also reap the benefit of ongoing work from customers wanting text updates which require replacement slats. The more systems that are sold, the more orders for replacement slats follow."

Established customer base One to One Engravers is best known in the industry for its chemical etching and engraving services on a variety of materials. Supplying the sign trade across the country, the company prides itself on providing the finest quality products at competitive prices.

State-of-the-art computerised and automated machinery at its Northampton site combined with more than 40 years industry experience has resulted in One to One Engravers including household names and a string of blue-chip companies among its customer base.

"We win many customers because we make it simple," says Frank. "They just email us their artwork, we produce the finished item in quick turnaround, to whatever specification and in whatever material they want, and deliver it. They can do it all from their computer."

"Customers come back because they quickly realise they can rely on One to One Engravers to produce the right goods, at the right price, and in time."

Find out more at www.otoel.com or telephone 01604 644604 for more information on becoming a distribution partner for MagSlat.

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