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OKI Europe launch neon colour printer

A model of the neoncolor printerOKI Europe Ltd has launched the Pro6410 NeonColor printer, and introduced white toner technology to its Pro Series range of graphic arts printers.

The Pro6410 NeonColor enables the print of "super-bright, eye-catching" fluorescent designs on transfer media, for use on almost anything.

Print houses and graphic arts departments can use it to create fluorescent effects on either light or dark backgrounds. There is the added option of using OKI’s neon white toner as a security mark, only revealed when checked under UV black light.

The versatility of the Pro6410 NeonColor and its vibrant colour spectrum means businesses have "fast access to new revenue-streams" in garment and product decoration, personalisation, proofing, point-of-sale and in-store signage.

OKI Europe has also introduced its award-winning white toner technology to its Pro Series graphic arts printers, with the launch of the Pro7411WT and Pro9420WT printers.
"These fast, affordable solutions unlock creative and commercial potential, combining high definition digital LED printing with white toner technology; which provides a level of performance that has normally only been achievable with expensive production equipment," says a spokesperson.

The flexibility in printing, proofing and production of these new solutions means deep, solid whites can be delivered on to a variety of coloured media. Or printed over other colours to create vibrant transfers for use on dark backgrounds.

“These new printers will unleash the full creative and commercial potential of print houses and graphic arts businesses,” says Dave Willcox, product marketing manager, OKI Europe. “The Pro6410 NeonColor is another OKI first, electrifying conventional graphics with bursts of high-voltage, fluorescent colour on almost any medium.
“This is part of OKI Europe’s continuous commitment to innovation that opens up new, practical, revenue-generating opportunities for customers.”


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