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Novaslim-boxes - Impressive, outstanding and elegant

NovaSlim boxes fitted with LED’sNot words you would normally associate with run of the mill illuminated light boxes but Nova-Aluminium certainly feel their Novaslim system with LED's produces the "wow factor".

Novaslim boxes fitted with LEDs and opal and anti-glare acrylic panels trap the transparency and the result produced a striking visual in a popular reception area that proved a talking point for visitors.

The system is readily available from stock in either silver anodised or white paint, but can be finished to any standard RAL colour enabling each project to be completely individual. Novaslim can also accommodate a 5mm panel on a hanging strip allowing the graphics to be applied directly to the acrylic.

All systems available from Nova Aluminium now incorporate LEDs, including lightboxes, Novaflex and the range of overhead lights.

For further information visit the website www.nova-aluminium.com or telephone 0117 9556463.

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