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Innova Solutions - Their word is their bond

Nova Bond Range on display.Nova Bond tape.Nova Weld Range.
Arguably the UK's most innovative developer of both mechanical and non-mechanical structural bonding solutions for the sign industry, Lancashire-based Innova Solutions has expanded its range of adhesives, pressure-sensitive bonding tapes and alternative mechanical fixing systems to accommodate every conceivable sign-fixing requirement. The products have evolved from partnering with leading sign manufacturers and invariably have been the result of the company's known ability to meet specific sign-fixing requirements and in particular those where alternative solutions have failed to meet the level of bonding strength required.

Key products include NovaBond SignFix, NovaBond SG and NovaFix high-strength bonding tapes, NovaWeld structural adhesives, NovaLok re-closeable fastening systems, NovaMag adhesive and non-adhesive magnetic media and NovaHead alternative mechanical fasteners. All of these products can be used with a diverse range of commonly used substrates and in particular those requiring a higher than normal bonding capability.

NovaBond acrylic tapes make provision for differential expansion between dissimilar materials, allowing the bond to 'stretch and recover' during extremes of environmental conditions. They are available in a range of thickness from 0.25 to two millimetres in white, grey and crystal clear formats for the aesthetic bonding of glass, metals, plastics and composite materials. NovaBond SG tapes offer high initial and ultimate adhesion to a wide variety of substrates. Due to the tapes' incredible shear strength, they are the ideal solution to the mounting of signs and displays on interior and exterior walls. They are also excellent for the edge seaming of banners and eliminate the need for welding or stitching.

NovaWeld structural adhesives incorporate the latest two-part methacrylate technology. They can be used to bond a wide range of sign making materials, including metals, plastics and composite materials for which a lower temperature cure product is available. NovaLok re-closable heavy-duty 'snap shut' fasteners incorporate a nylon locking system backed with NovaBond adhesive tape technology. They can be used typically for the temporary or permanent fixing of panels. The NovaMag range of adhesive and non-adhesive magnetic and magnetic-receptive media can similarly be used for temporary promotional material as well as for the mounting of changeable message systems.

Fast and easy to apply, NovaHead mechanical fastening systems are available in both zinc-plated mild steel and marine-grade stainless steel formats. They are described as the most cost-effective and reliable alternatives to conventional mechanical fastening systems.

Renowned for its problem-solving capabilities, Innova Solutions offers free consultation and site surveys and can rightly claim that 'their word is their bond'.

For further information, visit the website www.innovasolutionsonline.com or telephone 01282 867390.

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