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Nova Aluminium: Expertise ensures spectacular entrance

A sign advertising a Walt Disney film, created in faceted sections to ensure a snug fit to the curved wall.When Newman Displays Ltd was commissioned to produce a showcase sign for the Foyer of Empire Cinemas' flagship theatre in Leicester Square, London, the company called upon Nova Aluminium Ltd's expertise.

Newman Displays, the West End based specialist supplier of all types of signage to both cinemas and theatres, asked sign systems supplier Nova Aluminium to help survey the site and add their experience in achieving Empire's visual requirement.

The sign, promoting forthcoming features, has a prominent position in the cinema entrance and is directly at eye level, just 150mm above the floor. The overall size of the unit measures more than seven metres in length and is 2550mm high.

Installation to a facing wall which is curved meant the project required serious thought in its construction in order to accommodate such a display at that height. An added challenge was that the curve was inconsistent. It also became apparent that a simple kerf cut off the extrusions to form the curved shape would not suffice to give a crisp finish to the skin at eye level. The curved fixing area was also potentially problematic to ensuring the box fitted snugly to the wall.

The sign in the foyer of the Empire Cinema in Leicester Square, London.To overcome these difficulties Nova opted to fabricate the box in faceted sections, amounting to 18 different cut angles. After welding the sections together the actual sign box was supplied in seven separate sections.

The finished sign is backlit by 20 x 5 foot and 20 x 4 foot cool white fluorescent tubes, creating a spectacular effect with real impact for patrons entering the foyer.

Go to www.nova-aluminium.com or telephone 0117 955 6463 to find out about Nova Aluminium's range of extrusions, fabrication service to the trade, and more.

Newman Displays can be contacted through their website www.newman-displays.com or on telephone 020 7278 1400.

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