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Non twist signposts - New signpost prevents signs being twisted

The new Signstr8 signpost.Twisted road signs are clearly quite commonplace judging by the early popularity with local authorities of the new Signstr8 signpost. Historically, with galvanised or painted sign posts it has become very easy to rotate signs out of sight but by incorporating one flat face in the new Signstr8 signpost, regulatory signs are able to be affixed to this face preventing any subsequent rotation of the sign.

Traffic engineers, local authorities and parking authorities are welcoming the introduction of the Signstr8 as the cost of straightening signs is estimated at £100 per visit, typically involving two men and a van - often more than the cost of the original sign and post combined.

Signstr8 is similar to the industry standard 76mm diameter post which means it will not look out of place in any city/town environment. Designed to meet BS/EN standards, Signstr8 accepts standard fixing clips and is available in galvanised, painted or coated PVC finishes.

In the biggest order so far, 1,000 Signstr8 signposts have been specified for a parking restriction scheme in London. Signstr8 has many applications; apart from the obvious parking restriction plates they are also ideal for regulatory plates such as speed, no waiting, stop signs and give-way signs, and in sectors such as highways, retail, rail, airports and docks.

For further information telephone Signpost Solutions on 0121 506 4770 or visit www.signfix.co.uk

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