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Sagetech Launch their KF Range of vertical panel saws

The KF vertical panel sawBritish saw manufacturer Sagetech Limited has launched a new comprehensive range of vertical panel saws under its Koolkut brand. Incorporating the same 'robust' frame method of construction as their well respected Koolkut KK range, the new KF machines have been designed for manufacture using the latest CADCAM laser technology to give high precision, reduced manufacturing costs, and even more attractive pricing.

Each machine comes complete with a powerful Festool TS75 saw motor, which can be removed and used as a stand-alone unit in seconds. Or replaced with an optional floating head router for constant depth grooving and rebating. Sagetech selected these motors based on their proven track record of 'high reliability and long service performance', with the added benefit that Festool now provide free three-year service and warranty support. Whether cutting along the length of the sheet or across its width, the action is 'easy', with the change from one mode to the other done in two or three seconds. Like the other Sagetech machines, the KF units work with the advanced European style design where the saw head moves in either direction. The work piece remain static, which offers great advantages when handling either very thin flexible sheets or particularly heavy sheets, which do not need to be moved during the cutting process.

The KF is an important advancement on Sagetech's ZMrange, in that the saw head can be adjusted with its smooth built-in plunge mechanism to bring it in close proximity to the work piece, providing 'very good' dust collection. This feature can also be beneficial when cutting brittle materials which, if allowed to 'chatter', can result in damage to the work piece. This feature, combined with the inbuilt variable motor speed control, provides the user with 'great flexibility' to achieve the optimum cutting speeds for a wide range of materials. Depth of cut can be easily adjusted to enable users to apply a sacrificial backing board with extended life, making for good cut quality, especially with thin or flexible materials.

Each machine comes with a comprehensive set of measures and stops in both metric and imperial scales, and they include a removable mid height platform to facilitate the cutting of smaller pieces.
The use of constant tension springs to provide a neutral balance of the saw head up and down the column has resulted in a valuable cost saving, which is reflected in the machine's pricing, according to the company.

The KF range is available in three sizes: 8' x 4' (2.5 x 1.25 M), 10' x 5' (3.1 x 1.6 M), and the jumbo/large plastic sizes (3.1 x 2.1 M). These machines are anticipated to be particularly attractive to users such as Signmakers who want a machine with greater capability than Sagetech's ZM range.
As well as woodworkers who are working with particularly heavy sheets.


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