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EFI Fiery JobFlow automates job processing

EFI has released the latest version of EFI Fiery®JobFlow™ software, a product that brings a "new level of job preparation automation" to Fiery Driven™ environments, for print operations of all sizes.

Fiery JobFlow software gives print professionals the ability to submit and process similar jobs with a single click, as opposed to 10-20 clicks, says the company. This is done by automating the manual job preparation steps required for the initial setup of a job into a workflow. Today, approximately 50 per cent of brochures, business cards and direct mail are manually prepared by digital print shops. These job types typically require preflighting, imposition and a soft proof creation, and each of these steps can take about 15 minutes. Using Fiery JobFlow automated workflows can reduce the overall preparation time to two minutes or less per job, according to EFI.

"The product can be up and running in hours, not days, without additional integration costs. As a result, users can immediately begin taking time and touches out of the job preparation process, producing more jobs with the same staff and equipment. The software greatly simplifies the process for producing print-ready files even for complex jobs," says a spokesperson.


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