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Specialist wood processing tool

close up of compression toolAXYZ International has introduced a new specially designed tool for processing solid and particle woods such as MDF and laminates, used in outdoor signage applications. It's called the Marathon Compression Tool, and is available from their online CNCRoutershop division for 24/7 next-day delivery.

The Marathon Compression Tool has an advanced cutting geometry. It is supplied in a choice of diameters and lengths to accommodate different material processing requirements. Its unique coating has been specially formulated to protect the cut edge from the high temperatures generated during the routing/cutting process.

The combined upwards and downwards spiral geometry of the tool, makes sure there is a clean edge finish on both the top and bottom surfaces of the material. This is especially significant if chipping of double-sided laminates is to be avoided. Or when processing natural woods, where edge-finishing could present a problem, if alternative standard spiral tools are used.

The Marathon Compression Tool further extends the range of routing/cutting, spare parts and accessories solutions provided by the CNCRoutershop facility. These solutions are continually supplemented through AXYZ International sourcing the most advanced products from European suppliers. They include high-quality router bits, collets and cones, all of which are compatible with various spindle types; oscillating and tangential knife blades; and/or special-purpose tooling. These tools also be used with virtually any other make of machine, regardless of type and country of origin.


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