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ASLAN metal effect films

Window with metal effect stickerWith nearly 30 different self-adhesive metal effect films, ASLAN offers users a product range that provides the 'perfect solution for almost any project'.

The range includes high-quality and scratch-resistant films in a large number of colours and effects. Several glossy and brushed surfaces in different metallic shades are complemented by coloured metal finishes.

For projects that require a time-saving application, metal effect films are available that are equipped with the ASLAN dryapply technology. Finest air release channels allow a bubble-free and quick dry application. So even designs on large surfaces can easily be applied, says the company.

A special top-coating makes the self-adhesive films suitable for digital printing. Creating an opulent, golden wall with a baroque all-over print becomes as easy as printing a large-sized logo onto a surface that looks like it is made out of stainless steel.

ASLAN also provides the 'optimal' solution for designs onto transparent surfaces, such as glass or mirrors. The metal effect is identical from both sides of the film.


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