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ASLAN's new film for difficult surfaces

A hand placed over sheets of self adhesive filmWith a new and 'especially strong' adhesive ASLAN offers the ideal solution for applications on various difficult surfaces.
The white glossy, polymeric digital printing film UltraTack ASLAN DFP 07 is a 'good all round product' and suitable for rough, uneven and low energy surfaces. A high initial adhesive tack allows the application at low temperatures.

With an outdoor durability of seven years it is ideal for long-term applications that require a permanent adhesive such as containers or trailers.
The digital printing films can be well printed with all major solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV-curable inks. A double-sided PE coated liner make sure of a good flatness in the printer and a high moisture stability.

ASLAN's other new product is a double-sided self-adhesive film with perfect flatness for sheets, ASLAN DK 1. This transparent film offers a wide range of applications, acording to the company. They are suitable for the self-adhesive finishing of maps, prints, plans, posters and more and allow a simple application.

The film has got an equally strong, permanent adhesive on both sides. The initial adhesive
strength is delayed, which facilitates the application.
One side has a reinforced 120 g cardboard liner that is marked with a centimetre division and therefore 'ideal' for sheets. The reinforced cardboard makes the handling of the thin double-sided self-adhesive film easier and guarantees a good flatness, they claim. The other side has a flexible PE release liner.


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